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The Growing Digital Divide in Real Estate


The emergence of the Internet as the dominant choice of Buyers in finding their home has placed new technological demands on real estate agents ---  and has also been responsible for the emergence of the term "Digital Divide".

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Recently I wrote an offer for a residence from a well qualified buyer for $1.28 Million -- which was an above listing price offer. What I received back stunned me --- it was a counter-offer that was barely legible, handwritten on a form from 2008 -- way outdated -- and was faxed from an old fax machine that notoriously puts a heavy dark shading across the entire page.  It was a mess!

Presenting this counter-offer to my buyer was embarrassing. This type of communications may have been common 15 or 20 years ago --- but is un-acceptable today.

And  -- many agents today are just as out-dated in using the Internet to promote their clients homes.


If your home did – or does not sell --- there is a high probability that it is not being properly marketed on the Internet so as to get maximum exposure to buyers.

At Daniel Kolody & Associates, we GUARANTEE that your home will get the maximum exposure on the internet.

 To START --- we begin with broad exposure to OVER 50 Million Homebuyers. Click Here to see where !

At  Daniel Kolody & Associates, we are all trained as Internet Marketing Specialists -- and after having been trained to receive the IMSD designation ---we can guarantee to the seller that their home will be actively viewed by local, national and international buyers. We also insure that your property will have complete saturation of the top sites visited by buyers.


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